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How would I be able to get my business listed on GoSpa?

Ans: You can enroll with us utilizing the registration form. Include your outlet in a few simple steps, sit tight for us to check your data. When confirmed, your outlet is listed with GoSpa and ready to begin selling offers.


Do I have to pay to get my business listed on GoSpa?

Ans: Absolutely not! We don’t request expenses from any of our dealers to just list their outlet(s) with us.


What all would I be able to do with my recorded business on GoSpa?

Ans: As soon as you get recorded new clients begin seeing your outlet. Why stop here? You could accomplish more to get these new clients by selling alluring offers.


How would I be able to begin selling these offers?

Ans: You can begin selling once your outlet is listed with GoSpa. You can contact us through “” our Business gateway or email us at and we will hit you up.


What is the installment strategy of for offers sold on the stage?

Ans: Payments are made week by week, on schedule. In the wake of checking if the bank details presented by you are right.


Do I need a GSTIN to have the option to work with GoSpa and get listings?

Ans: Yes, you have to totally furnish us with your GSTIN to have the option to assist you with offers on GoSpa. In the event that you are not qualified for GSTIN you’ll have to provide the verification to prove the equivalent. A GST structure (Valid GSTIN number or exclusion note) should be filled at the season of offer creation which is checked by our frameworks for invoicing purposes.


What sort of dealer administrations does a GoSpa give?

Ans: Once you register you’ve been given to access to our merchant focus portal – A business stage, an across the board stage for observing the development and growth of a merchant’s business


What would I be able to do with business?

Ans: It is a stage that we give to vendors to deal with their organizations adequately. You can list your outlet and begin selling offers, recover vouchers, update offer stock and valuing, break down offer execution and business development, and considerably more from a solitary stage whenever anyplace. Adapt more by joining today!


Where would I be able to access these services from?

Ans: We comprehend that you are occupied and might not have a work area before you to consistently examine and deal with your business. That is the reason we offer our business as a site just as in type of applications usable for the two IOS and Android. These can be downloaded from the Appstore and Play store. It will be simple for you to get to your data from anyplace, whenever of the day with no issues.


If I have to connect with you how would I do that?

Ans: Email us at or call us at +91-965-3134306


If I’m running late for an arrangement will they suit me?

Ans: In most cases, the bookings are allocated the amount of time required for the treatment and will usually have appointments back to back so they are likely to be unable to accommodate you if you arrive late. In most cases, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to amend/cancel a booking.