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Latest Beauty Secrets

Clear skin within a week!

Clear skin forever is a dream come true.

We all have those days, where our skin starts acting up just one week before some big event! Can you relate?

If yes, pledge to follow this routine with 100% sincerity and we promise you, 100% results towards your clear skin target.


cleanser for clear skin

Cleanse in the day, cleanse in the night. Cleanse after your workout and give the bacteria on your skin a fight. Cleansing helps clear the bacteria, dead skin cells and make-up off the face. Using a warm water face cloth to wipe the cleanser off helps with gentle exfoliation. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser by The Body Shop has proven to be extremely effective.


drink water for clear skin

Drinking approximately 8 glasses of water everyday has innumerate benefits we’ve heard all our lives. The question here is, how to accomplish this target? The simplest way is to download an app on your phone that sends you timely reminders and tracks your consumption. Water is known to be a prime agent that helps in achieving clear skin. So, before you move onto the next point, go grab a quick sip!


exercise for clear skin

Exercise activates the sweat glands. Sweating not only helps push the toxins out of the skin, but also promotes blood flow. Engaging in a 30 minute brisk walk, cardio or any sport session is all it takes to be closer to the  clear skin you want!

4) EAT RIGHTeat right for clear skin

Say yes to the leafy greens and no to the sugary carbs or fried food items. The minerals and vitamins in the leafy greens help keep the skin healthy and glowing. While on the other hand, the sugary food causes inflammation and makes your skin more prone to acne breakouts.

5) FACE MASKS FOR CLEAR SKIN face mask for clear skin

The market has a large variety of masks available. We don’t recommend the use of market brought products if you’re following this routine right before an event. There are risks of allergies, thus, we suggest you stick to natural masks. You can check out the recipes for aloe vera based masks on our previous blogs. However, if you want a quicker fix, you can try the L’Oreal Paris Pure clay mask. It is suitable for all skin types and offers great results.

The hacks listed above are sure to bring about the glow that you desire. However, eternal radiance comes with consistency and commitment. To have and maintain a clear skin, all year round, head up to our blog because we’ve simplified the daily skin care routine for you!

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