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Nail growth and strength

Nail growth and strength

Nail it! It’s high time now.

Does it hurt more when your best friend’s nails grow faster or when your’s chip off right when they’re about to be the length you’d like? Say bye bye to your worries and try these remedies to have longer, stronger and healthier nails!

1.Bid farewell to your bad habits:

nail biting

Be it biting your nails when you’re anxious or chipping off your polish manually. STOP RIGHT THERE. You’re risking bacterial infections and removing the top layer. Both these habits, tamper with the growth of your nails and make them weaker. So, every time you indulge in these activities, stop yourself right there.

2. Build a base first!

base coat

Polishes contain chemicals. While you’ve applied your favorite shade and are flaunting it, the polish is going behind your back and its toxins are affecting them in ways you don’t even realize. So, it’s best to separate them with the help of a base coat. Base coat not only helps your colour last longer, but also protects your nails from the damage that the polish could do. It’s a win-win for both! Invest in a base coat today.

3. Stop acrylic abuse!

Acrylics are great once in a while. But over doing it, deteriorates the health of your nail. Skip the gel polish and acrylics once in a while and let them naturally be. This brings out their natural shine and luster that you’re definitely going to love.

4. Go bananas


Bananas, avocados and Salmon are biotin rich foods. Biotin deficiency leads to brittle nails that peel and chip off easily. So introducing these natural foods in your diet will strengthen them internally and when it’s good on the inside, it reflects longer on the outside.

5. Commit to cuticle oil:

Nail care oil

Cuticle oil nourishes and moisturizes dry brittle nails. Committing to cuticle oil means applying it every day. It a routine you should invest in to enable yourself into having gorgeous tips, all year round! Try this Aroma Treasures oil to start with!

6. Say no to acetone

Say whaaaaaaaaaat? YES! Aren’t we so used to applying acetone to take the polish off? Yes, we are! But little do we know that it’s too concentrated for fragile nails and often dries them out instantly. So it’s best to explore the market for acetone-free gentler polish removers that don’t do harm.

You now have enough information about easy ways to get rid of brittle and dry nails. Try these remedies out and see how your nails grow longer, stronger and naturally more gorgeous, with a little effort and patience, everyday!

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