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Areopagus is a Japanese day spa, best spa in Goregaon West that provides unique Japanese massage techniques, derived from the ancient therapy of Shiatsu. It also incorporates a mix of Chinese and Greek therapies. (Areopagus is rock near Athens where an ancient public court held meetings). Choose from a range of signature massages, facials, mud wraps and scrubs, and reflexology. The massages are targeted towards balancing and purifying the body. One of the more unusual massages is Tai Chi Therapy, designed to improve the flow of life energies in the body.


Services :

Areopagus Ritual Massage, Areopagus Sports Signature, Areopagus Signature, Energy Holds Therapy, Purifying Therapy, Shiatsu, Tai Chi Therapy, Yuki Energy, Whitening and Nourishing Facial



  • 60-80 minute massage

    Valid for : | Valid on:
    | Timing : 00:00 am - 12:00 am

    Rs. 2590


  • 120 minute signature massages

    Valid for : | Valid on:
    | Timing : 00:00 am - 12:00 am

    Rs. 5900


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