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Hairstyles / haircuts as per Men’s face shape

Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men according to their Face shape

If you’re at the barbershop and need a quick guide to the best haircuts for your face shape, here’s a simple overview of our recommendations. While these are generally the best men’s hairstyles by head shape, all guys are different and some can pull off a variety of cuts and styles that others can’t.

What Face Shape Do I Have?

This guide to picking good hairstyles according to your face depends on correctly identifying your head shape and facial features. Determining your face shape can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. To figure out what kind of shape you have, you’ll need a bar of soap, mirror, and comb.

  1. Using the comb, pull your hair away from your face. If you have long hair, tie it back; otherwise, just hold it back with one hand so you get a clear view of your face.
  2. Look at your reflection in the mirror and the outline of your face. Take the bar of soap, and trace that outline onto the mirror. Make sure you move your head as little as possible during this process.
  3. When you step back, the drawing left on the mirror will guide you as you compare different head shapes to yours. Place it into one of the following categories: square, triangle, round, oval, or oblong.

Refer to the following descriptions for more help!

Square Face

A square face is usually created by a prominent and defined jawline. Men’s medium hairstyles such as a fade usually look best. Keep the sides tight with a little extra volume on the top. Toss in a hair pomade on top to add some texture and style.

Round Face

A round face is pretty self-explanatory. Similar to those with square faces, tell your barber to give you a men’s medium hairstyle that is short to medium on the sides, with a medium length on top will look best. This square style hair cut will offset the roundness of your face. Use some product on the top to add volume and character.

Oval Face

Hairstyles-For-Oval-Faces Hairstyles-For-Oval-Faces Hairstyles-For-Oval-Faces Hairstyles-For-Oval-Faces

If you are lucky enough to have the crown jewel of facial structures – just about any men’s hairstyles will work. The fade, the comb-over, the buzz cut or slicked back hairstyle – it’s all good. Just tell the barber to surprise you and you probably won’t ever be disappointed.

Long Face

Guys with a long (and narrow) face don’t have to be depressed; these dudes will find hairstyles that are of medium and short length work best. Keep the length of the sides and the top the same. Style both the top and sides with the product to keep hair where you left it.

Diamond Face

Men’s long hairstyles work best for this type of facial and head structure. Ask your barber to layer the hair from the sides on up to the top of the hair. Add volume and texture to the top with a pomade.

Upside Down Triangle

Medium or long hairstyles work best for a triangular face. Parting your hair in the middle of your forehead will give the illusion that it isn’t as wide as it really is.

Now that you understand a little more about the mechanics of your head shape, you can find the best hairstyles to suit your specific face. Your barber, as always, can provide additional insights into which haircuts and hairstyles will work for you, but take some suggestions with you for a tailored cut and style you’ll absolutely love!

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