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Mascara and all that you didn’t know about it!

Mascara shopping is a task!

A quick run through the drugstore and you’ll see more types of mascara than you could wear in an entire year, so how can one possibly know which one is right for you? I’m here to help, but first, let’s start with the basics. There’s one wand that we all have in our make up bags that hold the magic to transform our lashes and look, dramatically! There are plenty of people helping you choose the correct mascara for you, So I’m here to tell you what they won’t.

1) Moisturize your eyelashesmascara

We all know the importance of hydration so why should we forget about moisturizing our lashes? Applying a small amount of coconut or olive oil helps in keeping the lashes moisturized and supple. It also prevents eyelids from getting dried and flaking off.

2) Mascara – Waterproof or not?waterproof mascara

Using waterproof mascara on the sweaty summer days on rainy days where you risk washing it away, is great and advisable. However, as we know, waterproof mascara is harder to take off and prolonged regular use can cause the lashes to weaken and fall off

3) 6 months at the top, then its time to shop!

YES! Your mascara expires soon! If you use it beyond 6 months, you’re using a lumpy product that is more likely to break your look than make it! There’s also a bacterial infection risk that you definitely don’t want to take.

4) Save the brush

It may be important to toss expired mascara, but saving the wand is actually something you should do. Washing and keeping the wand helps you add a tool that helps you groom your eyebrows with ease.

5) Keep your eyes openmascara

Use a visiting card above your eye to keep your eye open and prevent the product from smudging on the eyelid. This ensures an easy and even application. Apart from that, you can try keeping your mouth open while applying the product. It helps one to prevent blinking.

6) Turn it up!

If you have a lengthening mascara and want to volumize too, apply some baby powder on your lash carefully and then apply your mascara, the volume your lashes get is the right amount of spunk your eyes need.

7)  Use a makeup removermascara

Leaving your mascara on overnight causes them to become stiff. This eventually leads to the lashes falling off. There’s nothing more painful than losing luscious lashes, especially the ones we can’t wish upon! haha. So I can’t emphasize enough on how removing your makeup, using a makeup remover is important.


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