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Men Hair Care

Men need hair care tips too!

#1 Don’t over-wash your hair

While it may seem counterintuitive, washing your hair too much may actually make it greasier. For Men, when you overwashyou are at risk of drying out your scalp, which can cause your skin to produce more oil.

#2 Dry your hair gently; don’t rub it

Men, Men hair care

Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Instead, gently pat to blow dry your hair. When you’re towel drying your hair, it’s best to use a very soft towel or even an old t-shirt instead of a coarse, nubby towel. … Squeeze wet hair gently with your hands. Don’t twist your hair, as this can easily damage it. Do not rub your hair with the towel, as this will cause frizzing.

#3 Get rid of that comb-over!

Your hair might be thinning. Get a haircut that suits the thinning look. Do not, under any circumstances, do a comb-over. Most men are prone to do this! If you too belong to this category of men, Please stop. Women run from that.

#4 Use an egg conditioner

For normal hair, use the entire egg to condition hair; use egg whites only to treat oily hair; use egg yolks only to moisturize dry, brittle hair. Blend about 1/2 cup of whichever egg mixture is appropriate for you and apply to clean damp hair.

#5 Protect your hair from chlorine

Men, Men hair care

Use olive oil or coconut oil. Olive oil or coconut oil is effective at coating the hair so that chlorine does not come in contact with it. Wet hair with non-chlorinated water. Use a leave-in conditioner. Wear a swimming cap.

#6 Use fewer products on your hair

The less you handle your hairthe better.” Let’s take a look at the basics. Each hair is a strand of dead cells coated in natural oils and the dirt that you pick up throughout the day. The shampoo, which really cleans the scalp more than the hair, needs to match your scalp type: dry, normal or oily.

#7 Use a clarifying shampoo

Men, Men hair care

clarifying shampoo is an occasional treatment that you can use to reduce the build-up of hair products, oils, sebum, and dirt from your hair. While clarifying shampoo is extremely effective at combating limp or dull hair, it can also leave your hair dry if not used properly.

#8 Wash, don’t repeat

An article on men’s hair care would not complete without clearing the myth about using shampoo twice. Basically don’t get fooled by the television ads that tell wash, rinse and repeat. Washing your hair once is enough. But make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner.

#9 Cut down the heat

Another important hair care tip would be avoid exposing your hair too much to heat. Avoid using hair dryers for drying your hair. Let them dry naturally. It might take some time but it will surely prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. But if you are using a hair dryer, make sure you keep it on low heat setting.

#10 Trim it

Men, Men hair care

To keep your hair neat and well-kept, get a haircut every 4-6weeks. Try and get a morning appointment. The hairdresser will be less busy and not fatigued

#11 Take a cold shower

When it comes to hair care, cold showers can make the hair appear shinier, stronger, and healthier by flattening hair follicles and increasing their ability to grip the scalp.

#12 Stay natural

Men, Men hair care

Stay away from chemical processes that change the structure of your hair, and remember that this is your natural hair and your personal journey. Make the right choice for you alone.

#13 Use the right tools

Men, Men hair care

If you do choose to heat style your natural hair, using the right tools is an important part of keeping your strands intact. Excessive heat can cause damage to natural hair, but considering specific functions (like temperature and speed) when purchasing a dryer or straightener can prevent unnecessary damage.

#14 Avoid tight hats

Men who are into wearing hats all the time are creating their own male pattern baldness. They’re not allowing the sweat glands to breathe, and they’re clogging the follicles, which prevents hair growth. You need oxygen in order to produce the oils that help your hair grow.

#15 Stay healthy

Men, Men hair care

Your hair health is a reflection of your lifestyle. Haircare for men means you need to eat well, get plenty of exercises, drink water, get enough sleep and try to stay positive. Your hair is the first thing that gets noticed about you. A well-maintained head of hair will have other heads turning your way.

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