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Skincare for a beach day !

Skincare is important, it becomes even more important when it’s the “go to the beach day” on your calendar!

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? Be it to sink into the calmness by yourself, socialize over volleyball or dive into the sea and surf into the waves. Skincare for beach day is a hack for everybody. The beach has something for everybody and we know for sure that we all love our time there! But what happens when we head back home and stare at our reflection into the mirror?

* Please don’t scream *

We have just the solution – SKINCARE FOR BEACH DAY

Sunburns, uneven tan, dried out hair and clogged pores have taken over and you don’t know what to exactly do about it! You’re likely to spend time trying out different things to repair the damage and wonder why this happened even after you used your regular sunscreen?

So we’re here to take the blame off the sunscreen and tell you more about skincare for beach day!


Assuming it’s the 21st century where we all know the importance of sunscreen, we use it. (Those of you who don’t, it’s high time now! Okay?) Most people apply sunscreen and think they’re good to go for the rest of the day. However, this is totally untrue! To sustain the sunscreen on the beach, one needs to reapply it every 2 hours. We love and recommend Neutrogena sunscreen.

2) WET YOUR HAIR FIRSTshower for skincare

Stylists from all over the globe recommend people to wet their hair with regular water before taking a dip into the sea. The hair absorbs the regular water and thus, reduces the effect of the seawater. This technique helps to minimize the harmful effect of the seawater salts on your hair!


We would rather have your hair absorb conditioner over the salt and seawater! Using a leave-in conditioner not only protects the hair shaft from damage but also prevents it from absorbing hair drying agents like salts and seawater!

4) HYDRATIONImage result for drink water clipart on the beach

As much as we love the sun and the sand, they’re both dehydrating agents. So all the external help of products and protective wear apart, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

5) HATSImage result for beach HATS clipart

Prevention is better than cure. Hats are fanciest and the most effective way to cover our heads and protect them from sun and wind damage. Hats not only protect the hair, but also the scalp. So why not fancy yourself a cute beachy hat? it is not just accessory but a major hack for skincare for beach day.



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